OWLnotator Workflow Sample

Figure 1: Here we see the OWLNotator used with a selected TEI Document. In this case the OWLNotator shows a preview of the document, along with meta-data (above). In the center panel, to the left you see the corresponding tree structure of the TEI and on the right you see the plain text. On the far left we see the annotations which have been created for the document, and on the far right we can see the ontologies that are available for annotation.

Figure 2: Here we see a visual representation of the annotations in a graph. The nodes of the graph are shown as icons, which correspond to the context.

Figure 3: Another graph but this time for an image. A thumbnail of the image is displayed in the center of the graph.

Figure 4: Adding a property (in an annotation) with drag & drop based on the selected ontology for this document (in this case, an image).